Sunday, December 08, 2013

Winter Hike

What an amazing day! My friend invited me to spend the day outside in the beautiful, frigid sun. He said, "Let's go someplace with cultural and historical significance." So then, we went to see the falls on the Spokane River. 

A rainbow over the ice at Spokane Falls. 

Basalt covered in a layer of ice. 

A new sculpture has been installed along the banks of the Spokane River, below the Monroe Street Bridge. It depicts an Indian man on horseback, holding a salmon toward the river. I didn't see the artist's name. 

The horse by the river. 

An offering of salmon by the falls. 


After visiting the falls, went to see the home site of Slough-Keetcha (Chief Spokane Garry). Of course, I have blogged this site before, but this time, I especially noticed the part of the historical marker that called him a Peacemaker. 

The waterfall in Indian Canyon was frozen, 
and people were climbing the ice. 

Sunset over downtown Spokane 
on a frozen day. 

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