Saturday, August 19, 2006

Attracting Abundance

Chris Dietzel presenting on attracting abundance...
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Chris Dietzel presented a seminar today about Attracting Abundance Easily, in cooperation with Summit Quest. My wife took an active role sponsoring and facilitating the event. I did not attend the whole seminar, but I did watch a video presentation of a film called "The Secret." It was fascinating.

The film had a deep impact on my thinking. It spoke of all the ways we attract things into our lives based on what we dedicate most of our thinking to. Ironically, we attract negative things into our lives by obsessing and worrying over them. I really believe the message of this film. I will look more deeply into how I think and feel about things I create in my life. I can especially see how painful events in my result from hardened patterns of thought from a previous time. I'm changing my thinking in major ways and thus creating greater abundance.

For more information on the film click below:

The Secret

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