Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Men's Retreat

My wife organizes women’s retreats several times a year in various places around the Pacific Northwest. They rent cabins or condos and engage in deep emotional process work. They often use the natural beauty of their surroundings to compliment their inner work, such as the ocean shore, a mountain trail, or a grove of trees. It really is a wonderful thing she does.

For years we talked about starting up a men’s retreat or perhaps a couples retreat. Something always held me back.

Something changed for me last week after I finished a men’s retreat near Coalville, Utah. I had the opportunity to engage in my own healing process around important issues in my life; and for the first time I feel open to creating retreats for men and couples. I think I may have to do a little more work on myself, but I’m willing to look more deeply at the possibility of helping others through this journey of life.

As for my experience at the retreat, usually I like to be very open about my personal life, but I’m still processing everything that happened to me. It’s all still very tender. Maybe as time goes by I’ll feel better about sharing my experience of healing and growth.

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