Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Great Life

Rhonda and I by the temple doors.

Almost eight years ago my wife and I attended Spectrum, an experiential life training based in Boise, Idaho. It's hard to explain our Spectrum experience, except to say it had a powerful effect on my life. During the training, I got to examine my belief system and the ways I tend to interact with the world around me. I released old pain, challenged limiting fixed beliefs, accepted a new level of personal accountability, and learned new ways of experiencing the world. I found a well of spirituality and beauty I never knew existed.

Unfortunately, Spectrum went out of business a few years ago.

Then last year, a good friend completed a similar training in Utah known as the Great Life Foundation. I went back to staff a Level I training, and this year I went back to staff a Level II experience. It was more wonderful than I remember. I'm so thankful for the training in my life.

I chose a picture of my wife and I for this blog entry because the training brought us closer together as a couple. In fact, we will attend a couple's training in just a few weeks. I'll keep you all posted as the couple's weekend approaches.

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