Monday, October 16, 2006


They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and a photograph never lies. I believe the first part, but in the age of digital photography and editing software, the latter portion no longer holds true. A photograph may also speak a thousand lies.

Even so, photography still reveals a truth where words sometimes fail.

For me, photography opened doors of exploration I never thought possible. In my effort to find the perfect shot, especially when I exhaust my previous subjects, I learn to see the world more deeply. Rather than simply look for tired, over-used, or stereotypical compositions, I look for the hidden details and the subtle stories behind each photograph. Sometimes I can't even articulate the story; it's just something I feel on an intuitive level. In any case, I find myself interacting with the world on a whole new level as I decipher my own secret creativity.

What about the photograph posted in this blog entry? Actually, I don't see very many untold stories in this shot, except to say I like the way the industrial colors interplayed with passing rain clouds this afternoon.

Beauty sometimes shows up in unlikely places; maybe that's the story.

In the end, I actually go outside more with my camera than without. I talk to people. I listen to their stories more. I look deeply where once I passed by unawares.

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