Wednesday, January 24, 2007

March for Life

Circling around the Capitol Building, I observed many others gathering to express their opposition to abortion. By the time I reached the National Mall, many thousands more arrived; a broad mix of Catholics, Evangelicals, and Jews.

A group of Catholic nuns clutched oversize rosaries, while hundreds of priests wearing their black robes and white clerical collars led parochial school children in procession. Many carried banners depicting the Virgin of Guadalupe, or other religious icons.

Never before have I personally witnessed such a demonstration on a national level. Bus loads of Evangelical school children wore matching sweatshirts with brightly colored slogans like, "Yo Mama Chose Life," or "Face it, Abortion Kills."

I overheard conversations that were both urgent and informative. An orthodox Jew explained to his children how this event was organized on a such a large scale. A Christian minister urged a young woman to to make a pledge promising to tell at least ten other people about pro-life issues. A young college age man spoke passionately to a small group of listeners about joining a "pro-life activist training camp." Still others stood on street corners urging me to "Vote Brownback for president; 100% pro-life."

I have to admit, the March for Life had a much more profound effect than I would have expected. Several times, I felt like crying because of the divisiveness of this issue upon our country. I'm sad to say I don't foresee any resolution in the near future.

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