Thursday, March 15, 2007


The Voice told me to fly to Jupiter with all the strength and speed I could manage. "Take your sins, your worries, and your regrets to the rocky core of Jupiter, and the Grandfather will care for them, remove them from you, and hold them with his massive strength."

"But what about the pressure," I protested, "I'll be crushed under the massive weight of the planet's atmosphere."

"Do not be afraid," the voice comforted, "I will help you."

So I flew to Jupiter singing the old man's song, into the tempest and the hurricane winds of the upper atmosphere, sinking deeper into the blackness of the massive planet. The surface was a barren rocky place, and the pressure was nearly unbearable, but the man had spoken the truth. I left my worries with the Great Grandfather of the Night Sky and returned home lighter and freer than before.

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