Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Moses Men

My twin cousin Diane Moses sent me this amazing photograph from my youth. It shows me standing with some great men I truly admire. From left to right, my father Edward Moses, my uncle Richard Eli, my uncle Pat Moses, my great uncle Sam Moses, and finally me (Barry Moses). Seeing this photograph after all these years makes me feel connected to something greater than myself.

My father Edward Moses was a great man. He dedicated his later years to learning the spiritual traditions of our ancestors and became a teacher in his own right. He taught me everything I know about my spiritual walk. Sadly, he passed away in 1994.

My uncle Richard Eli always treats me with kindness and respect. As a Vietnam vet, he often battles his own demons, and yet I always feel his concern for me. When I see him, he always says, "How's Barry?" The great part is he really cares about the answer.

After my father died, my uncle Pat became something of a spiritual mentor for me. I can take my questions and problems to him and he'll listen to everything I say. Sometimes he doesn't respond until he dreams about the matter, but when he does respond, he always seems to give just the right words of wisdom for that time in my life. I'm thankful to have him.

My great uncle Sam Moses was also a great man. He always treated me with such respect and reminded me of what matters most in life. Sadly, he also passed away a couple years ago.

And finally, there's me... the baby of these Moses men. There's so much I don't know about how to be a good, honorable man. I struggle to keep up and remain worthy of the trust they've given me. Thankfully, I still have Richard and Pat. I can call them any time on the phone for advice or support. And in my darkest hours, my father or uncle Sam show up from beyond the veil to lend support of a different kind. I thank the Creator for these great men in my life.

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