Saturday, July 14, 2007


On the way home form Portland, my family stopped at the Maryhill Museum, near Goldendale, Washington. Maryhill is perhaps the most unlikely gallery in the Pacific Northwest. The collection includes several works of Auguste Rodin, items from the court of the former Queen Marie of Romania (including one of her personal thrones), and many fine examples of Native American art; and yet the museum sits atop a barren hilltop overlooking a lonely stretch of the Columbia River.

Maryhill was built by Sam Hill, who was something of a wealthy visionary at the beginning of the last century. He had planned the house as one of his personal residences, but upon the urging of his friend Queen Marie, he decided to dedicate the house as a museum instead.

For my part, I was intrigued by the vision that inspired such a unique establishment. We enjoyed our visit and appreciated seeing the many fine works displayed.

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