Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Power Outage

The power went out on our block last night, but only affected about 4 or 5 houses. Unfortunately, our house was one of the few to lose electricity. However, the strangest things happen without electrical devices like television or computers: people actually talk with one another. My family practically camped on the living room floor playing cards under the light of a lantern. We visited and laughed until the lights finally returned about 4 hours later.

When I was a kid, I remember reading comics by candlelight when my parents weren't able to pay the electric bill. It seemed like such an adventure; I never knew it as a bad thing. In a strange way, I'm glad my kids got to experience life without power at least once. Maybe now a real camping trip is in order.

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Chelle said...

I love it when we lose power(temporarly) for all those reasons you named. It feels so exciting to me. I love having the tv off. It never seems to be off at my house. I get sick of the sound of it.


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