Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Neighborhood Moose

Rhonda and I were leaving our home this afternoon at about 2:45 when we saw a wild moose running west on Salmon Avenue. I was so shocked I shouted and dropped everything I was holding. We drove down the street and saw the moose had stopped in our neighbor's yard. I jumped out and got three pictures before someone from the county yelled at me to back off. I wasn't close enough to be a threat, but I decided to comply and got back in my car.

The appearance of the moose in front of our house is significant for several reasons. My wife recently had an important dream about a moose and I have also had many dreams about the spiritual influence of the moose in my life. I thank God for this wonderful sign presented at our doorstep.


TR Ryan said...

Amazing! Aren't you glad you had your camera in the car! How unusual is to have a moose in your neighborhood? Hope it returned safely back to the big woods. Great photo!

Anonymous said...

you know they don't have good eyesight but they have instinct and with the changes going on all over the world I think it safer right where it is at it is adapting and taking leaps and bounds so is it's diet environment ect. very awesome animal, yes they will charge, very territorial, cool


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