Wednesday, October 10, 2007

School Pictures and Other News

The kids had school pictures today. Of course, we ordered from the standard channels, but I couldn't help getting a few shots of my own, especially with the fall colors as a background. Who could resist such a sight?

In totally unrelated news, I attended my first staff meeting at Community- Minded Enterprises. We stand at the beginning of a promising endeavor as we begin to make plans to host about a dozen students from Ecuador. They will come to Spokane to engage local youth and traditional leadership in questions related to community sustainability. The project excites my imagination on many levels. I'll be sure to post updates as the project grows and develops.

And this evening I got a total blast from the past when I spoke with my former mission president Julio Alvarado. Wow! We haven't spoken since I left Guatemala in 1993! He sounded older and a little more tired, but his voice had the same character and tone I remember from all those years ago. He had recently come to the United States to attend some church related meetings in Salt Lake City. Of course, Sister Alvarado sounded just as cheery, cordial, and precise as always. When I was a missionary, I remember President Alvarado always delivered the doctrinal and disciplinary counsel, while Sister Alvarado instructed us in proper etiquette, courtesy, and correct Spanish grammar. In so many ways, they were truly the mother and father of the mission. Some things never change.

Finally, there's been no word yet on the results of my job interview. Hopefully I'll get good news soon.

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