Monday, March 24, 2008


Those of you who follow my blog on a regular basis may have noticed the lack of new posts lately. Of course, my two jobs keep me insanely busy, and then I got a terrible sinus infection this last weekend. I just haven't thought much about writing any new blogs.

Something happened tonight to change that.

My coworker had a heart attack this evening and reminded us all how life just is so precious and fragile. After being alerted by one of my students, I ran into the other room and saw my coworker lying unconscious on the floor. Another coworker performed CPR while I called 911. The paramedics pronounced him in "full arrest" when they arrived a few minutes later. They continued CPR and ultimately shocked his heart. After an agonizing seven minutes, my coworker resumed breathing and regained a pulse. Even so, he remained unconscious as they wheeled him out to the ambulance. We dismissed class early and went home. Later, we checked up on him at the ER.

As of this moment, he is still alive, though completely unresponsive.

At family prayer this evening, I started to cry and thanked God for all the love we feel in our family. At times like this, I remember just how much I love my wife and children. That's why I posted this picture. On Easter Sunday, my daughters organized their own family home evening, and reminded me how precious and beautiful they are to me.

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Chelle said...

I hope your coworker is doing better. That must of been very scary for you.


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