Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Edmund Pendleton

Before I left Spokane, Rhonda's mother told me, "When you go to Williamsburg, look for my ancestor Edmund Pendleton." I nodded somewhat absent-mindedly, but I honestly had no expectation of finding one individual within so great an area.

But then I visited the parish church at Colonial Williamsburg, and noticed that each of the box seats surrounding the pews bore the name of the householder who once sat there. To my amazement, the first name I noticed was Edmund Pendleton. The people pictured above are sitting in Edmund Pendleton's box!

Later, I found the pews belonging to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Patrick Henry.

A few moments later, I went back to the pew to get another photograph. As I focused my camera, I stepped backward onto a tombstone embedded into the floor. I looked down toward my feet and was startled to see that I was standing on the grave of my children's ancestor Edmund Pendleton! 

I went outside, plucked a small flower from a nearby tree, and returned to leave it as an offering on the grave.

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