Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Van Gogh Sans Merlot

Ulysses Mireles from Van Gogh and Merlot visited the IEL as part of a multicultural presentation. 

Some time ago, I wrote a mini-grant that was designed to promote multicultural awareness at the IEL. The idea was to present a variety of visual artists from different cultures and then allow the students to make their own painting. The grant was funded and Ulysses was invited to be the main presenter. Ulysses runs Van Gogh and Merlot, which I have described before. However, since the school forbids alcohol on the premises, we renamed the event Van Gogh Sans Merlot. 

The event was well received by the students. It created a sense of community and school spirit. Some of the students had never taken an art class before, so this was a unique opportunity for them. 

Note: All the of the students signed a release that allows the publication of their photographs. 

At the end, students displayed their work. 

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