Saturday, April 13, 2013


I've got a 15-page paper due tomorrow, so naturally I am feeling all kinds of inspiration on my blog. The words just flow, but not toward my school work. 

The family took a short trip to Seattle the other day for Whitney's hip-hop competition. We got one day to see the sights, including Ye Olde Curiosity Shop and the big waterfront Ferris wheel. Dakota and Whitney posed for all kinds of pictures, but McKenna refused to make an appearance. More on that in a minute. 

Dakota gets his fortune read. 

Of course, I always have to get my fortune told by that kitschy mannequin that sits inside a glass box. When you insert 50 cents into the machine, the mannequin waves its hand and out pops a fortune card. We don't really believe in those kind of things, but part of the fun is to pretend that we do and see all the crazy ways it might apply to our lives right now. It's always worth a good laugh. My fortune said that happiness lies ahead, so I'm good. :) 

True to its name, you can find all kinds of curiosities, 
like this miniature castle that fits in my hand. 

...or the mummified mermaid. 

...or the Victorian portraits that turn into images of death. 

....or the shrunken heads.

...or the t-shirts with mummies. 

We also rode the giant Ferris wheel on the waterfront. 

Rhonda and the kids were excited to ride the Ferris wheel, but McKenna was mortified. Normally, someone would sit out with McKenna, but time was limited and there was no way that we would even consider leaving McKenna alone on the pier. We managed to get her on the ride, but she was not happy in the least. She cried for a while and eventually calmed down. 

After a time, thinking she was calm enough to approach, I complimented her bravery. Then she made the worst Gollum face imaginable and screamed, "I'm not brave! You made me ride when you said, 'Get on the Ferris wheel Minnie!!!'" I guess she told me.  

And that is why she did not appear in any of the pictures. She was mad at me. Lucky for me that she forgives quickly. 

But Dakota and Whitney were all smiles. 

They even did their own version of "The Barry." 
Yes, I have taught them well. 

The pier as visible from the Ferris wheel. 

The view was great, but I'm not sure it was worth the cost. 
We spent $75 for all five of us to ride the Ferris wheel. 

Been there, done that. 
Glad I went. 
Probably won't do it again. 

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