Monday, August 04, 2014

Camp Nauvoo

We made our home for two weeks in Camp Nauvoo. The girls slept in their own little tent, while everyone else slept in the big tent. 

That first night, we had to race the weather. We heard tornado warnings earlier in the day, and just as we started to pitch our tents, thunder clouds started rolling in from the west. We set the tents and made our bedding just as the first raindrops fell from the sky. 

A couple hours later, we were awakened from our sleep by one of the most violent thunder storms of my life. Lightning flashed all around us and thunder shook the ground. When the wind started to thrash our tent, I lay awake and remembered that tornado. Multiple storms passed, one after another, for about four hours. But when we got up the next morning, the sky was calm and clear. 

When it wasn't storming, Camp Nauvoo was a lovely place that sits in a beautiful, wooded area on the southern edge of town. Camp Nauvoo is owned by the Community of Christ. 

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