Saturday, October 11, 2014


McKenna spent her birthday money this year to buy a Robin Hood costume for Halloween. Not long after, she said with a sparkle in her eye, "Dad, I want you to make a bow and arrow for my costume." Using an old piece of birch wood ply board, we cut a four-foot stave. Then we sanded it, filed notches in both ends, and attached a long string. McKenna was so happy that she literally skipped.  

In the Spokane language, a bow is called ckʷinč. The suffix -eyeʔ makes something false or pretend, so the word ckʷnčeyeʔ would be a pretend bow or a toy bow.  This is what my daughter and I created today. It will be a special memory for years to come. 

McKenna makes a beautiful Robin Hood.

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