Sunday, May 21, 2006

Mathias Ferslev Dalager

Christian Church in Saqqaq, Greenland;
Birthplace of Mathias Ferslev Dalager.

I received an email reply from Inger Bjørnaas regarding my family history request. She referred me to a webpage written by Terje Ofstad documenting the genealogy of the Dalager family in Norway. He confirms the relationship between my ancestor Carolina Dalager and the artist Mathias Ferslev Dalager, though he claims her father was not Frederik, as I suspected, but rather another son, Mathias Anton Dalager. I wrote asking for documentation and clarification and now await his response. For the time being, I will regard Carolina as Frederik's daughter, as her name seems to suggest. Regardless of the outcome, it seems more certain than ever that my family descends in part from the indigenous people of Greenland.


Mr.Magne Krekling said...

Hello, Mathias Ferslev Dalager was son of Carl Dalager and his inuit wife Julie Marie. Carl was a danish buisness manin Greenland. Among other things he founded a settlement at the Disco Bay inNorth Greenland.This place is called Ritbenk and is still used as a campsite for pupils. Carl´s brother , Lars, was the first European to interthe inland ice and there are som nunataks named after him.Mr.Magne Krekling, Norway

Anonymous said...

H ello ! Johanna Lind and Mathias Ferslev Dalager had a dauther named Caroline born 23.03 1823 died 02.02 1855. She married Ole Iverson Urdvassagen born 1822. They got to children:
Iver Olsen born 1849
Kirst born 1851
Iver Olsen went to Wisconsin and got
married there.
Greetings from
Lillian Dalager Bromseth


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