Monday, September 25, 2006

Couples Training

In the lobby of Little America.

Rhonda and I attended Couples Training at the Great Life Foundation last weekend. It was a phenomenal experience. I can't even begin to describe what we learned about ourselves and each other. As we peeled through all the layers of judgment, pain, withholding, and fear, we experienced love and joy on a whole new level.

We know the couples training works because of how we feel and also the feedback we received during the last evening of the training and during our return trip to Spokane.

After the last night of the training, we stopped at an old dirty gas station to purchase gasoline for our car. I was wearing a tuxedo as I walked into the station to pre-pay. There was a man standing at the counter who was obviously drunk. He had a bottle of liquor in a brown paper bag, crazy hair, a dirty face, and missing teeth. When he saw me he exclaimed loudly, "Dude! Nice suit!" I thanked him for noticing, and then he said even more loudly than before, "Damn, you're hot!" I thanked him again, and then he said, "If I were gay, I would kiss you!" Everyone in the gas station laughed, but I just thanked him a third time and went back to my car smiling from ear to ear. As I left the gas station, another man rushed to open the door for me. I felt like a king.

Then during our return trip, we stopped at Walmart in Idaho Falls. As we paid for our food, the clerk leaned forward and said, "Are you guys in love?"

I said, "Yes, we are."

He leaned forward and smiled wistfully as he said, "I just knew you guys were in love because you're glowing."

Since returning home, I realize we have a choice every day to live on PURPOSE, or to fall into old habits. As we live our highest values, our lives become richer and filled with meaning.

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