Friday, September 01, 2006

Diversity Training

Ophelia Araujo-Islas from ARMS (Abuse Recover Ministry and Services) invited me to a planning session for a diversity training she is creating for her organization. She will specifically present information about the Hispanic population. It's really ironic; I have no Hispanic background whatsoever, but as Ophelia says, "It seems like you should be Hispanic." I feel quite a kinship with them.

As we concluded our brainstorm session, she and I discussed how God works to heal us from ignorance and bias. He works from the inside out. Everything we do to inspire greater awareness comes by example and deep personal reflection. Blame can never heal the world.

The photograph above is a window from Ophelia's church. It sits in the middle of a construction zone where the walls have been torn apart in preparation for major renovations. Even still, the window lost none of its beauty. It reminds me of how the Creator works in our lives. We are often surrounded by chaos, and yet we are guided by something timeless and unchanging: the human spirit.

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