Saturday, September 09, 2006

Divine Nature

Standing in my True Nature...

After taking her picture in the sun, my daughter insisted on taking my picture on the same spot. She took the camera from my hands and directed me on how I should stand.

At first, I was embarrassed.

Somewhat later, I looked at the picture and felt a little swell of vanity rising within me. I was secretly pleased to see myself standing magnificently in the sun.

Then I felt shame because of my vanity.

But when I finally peeled back all the layers, I realize my daughter gave me a gift. Her photograph revealed my spirit, and showed that beneath my embarrassment, vanity, suffering, and shame, there stands a layer of purity and truth. All the great religions teach this. We are spiritual beings; Children of God. To recognize our Divine Nature is not pride, for when we stand in our greatness, we cannot help but notice the greatness of others. And when we see the Divine within ourselves, we realize that every other person is also Holy and Divine. Only through knowing our Divine Nature is godly love truly possible.


Anonymous said...

Yes my love you are a beautiful man!! Shine on!!


sulustu said...

I am!!!


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