Monday, November 13, 2006

Homeland Insecurity

The Spokane County Courthouse and Jail.

Once again I've threatened the national security by photographing sensitive buildings. It all started last year when I photographed the Federal Building in downtown Spokane and provoked a curbside interrogation by federal officers. All I wanted was a shot of the fountain all lit up at night, but the authorities quite nearly accused me of spying on the building's "hidden security features." A few months later I actually received a written citation for photographing a friend near the Social Security office. Now this morning I got stopped by yet another officer for photographing the Spokane County Courthouse and jail at sunrise. I thought it was quite beautiful, actually, but the gentleman treated my aesthetic sensibilities with suspicion. He said, "It's not a crime to photograph this building, but I'll still need to take your name, in case we need it;" whatever that means...

In the age of domestic and foreign terrorism, it seems the world has become less secure with artistic inquiry near government structures. I guess I'll just have to be more mindful of my surroundings before I start snapping photographs. In all fairness to those who protect the people from harm, I see how my innocuous little hobby might seem like a threat to all we hold dear. If they really knew me, however, they would see how harmless to the national security I really am.

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Chelle said...

Always in trouble!!! I bet the Feds got a big file on you???


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