Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jail Dreams

Rhonda and I received a letter from our 19 year old foster son, Anthony. He writes from the Spokane County Jail and talks in length about several recent dreams. I basically taught him what my father told me as a young man; that dreams are a primary source of wisdom. I advised him to write down his dreams and look for insights. He took my advice, and after a series of three important dreams, he received answers regarding how to resolve his current situation. The answers may require a certain degree of sacrifice, but at least now the path is revealed.

I'm glad Anthony is beginning to look inward for answers and take accountability for past wrongs, though I recognize he tends to express a greater interest in spirituality during times of incarceration, or other situations where he's compelled to be humble. I just hope he will continue his inward journey long enough to make some lasting changes for good.

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