Saturday, November 11, 2006

Spokane Symphony

The Spokane River as it appears by the old Opera House.

We've come full circle tonight with a visit to the Spokane Symphony. Several years ago, my friend Francesca invited me to the Opera House to sing an honor song for the symphony rehearsal. Standing on the platform with conductor Morihiko Nakahara, I sang one of my father's prayer songs. The river flows just a few hundred yards from that exact location, and it felt as though all the ancestor spirits could hear me. My son Dakota stood with me that night.

One of the musicians who heard me sing was so moved, she later called me on the telephone. Since then, she and I have corresponded regularly by email. Her name is Candace, and I believe I mentioned her once or twice before on this blog.

Well tonight, I received two tickets from Francesca (at Candace's suggestion) to hear Roby Lakatos play the violin. He was amazing!

This time my daughter McKenna accompanied me as part of a daddy daughter date. I'm intrigued by the way our lives are slowing beginning to connect. Many thanks to Francesca and Candace for a very wonderful evening.

On a slightly different note, my wife and I discovered McKenna's love of classical music quite by accident. At one point we were flipping through radio stations as we took a long family drive. We stopped for a moment on a station with classical music and McKenna insisted on listening. She absolutely loved it! Even tonight, the show lasted for over two hours, but she never asked to get up or leave. She doesn't even sit through action movies that well. After the performance ended, I asked her what she thought and she said it was excellent.

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