Monday, November 12, 2007

Family Questions

After my interesting encounter with the anti-war movement, I made a short journey across town and a somewhat longer journey to another political landscape. Actually, I had a very pleasant lunch with my wife's family and steered away from political topics altogether. Sometimes keeping the peace means keeping my opinions to myself. I love my wife's family and I never wish to disrespect their beliefs in any way.

In family settings, I wrestle with another set of essential questions:

How do I assert my beliefs without disrespecting the beliefs of others? What values do all people hold in common? What is the best way to show honor and respect to those who sharply disagree with my opinions?

These questions weigh heavily upon my heart and convict my conscience. I have not been a worthy follower of compassion. Many times I allow my own rigid opinions to restrict my willingness to listen and my acceptance of others. As a spiritual man, I feel compelled to wrestle with these essential questions and find a more acceptable way.

Besides, a family dinner is just a time to be together. Why wrestle with anything at all? Why not simply enjoy the good food and pleasant company? In this sense, maybe life needs fewer questions and more BEING. I love my wife. I love my family. Why should anything else matter?

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