Thursday, November 22, 2007


Ryan and Cassidi had Thanksgiving dinner at our house with their two daughters. Brindy had dinner with us too. Of course, their littlest daughter Dixie was a big hit with all my kids.

I remember being a kid and having holiday dinner with my grandmas or other older relatives. Now we're becoming the elders and having dinners in our home. It feels strange to take this new role in life. I'm not ready to be anyone's elder, but I suppose life doesn't give me a choice.

Tonight I said the prayer over the meal, and part way through my voice caught. Suddenly I felt the presence of all those who ever loved us and went on to the "other side." Holidays are bitter sweet events. I feel so thankful to share these moments with my family and especially my children. At the same time, I miss all my loved ones who are no longer here. No matter what happens, gratitude makes everything sweet.

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