Friday, December 21, 2007


This evening, I received a copy of an old family photograph, showing my grandmother Minnie Moses Cannon (left), her sister Bessie Moses Andrew (center), and Bessie's husband Andy Andrew, Sr. (right). Once again, the resemblance between my yaya Minnie and my sister Kim amazes me. I may even remember my sister wearing a similar fur coat a few years ago.

Andy and Bessie were the parents of my auntie Iva, auntie Darlene, and my uncle Andy "Junior." They were also the parents of an aunt Mary, but I'm not sure if I ever knew her when she was still living.

Unfortunately, this photograph was not dated, so I'm not sure if my father had been born yet (which happened in 1948). Perhaps other clues will reveal an approximate date, such as the clothing or the model of the car. A more reliable method may require me to find out when Bessie and Andy were married, which would at least give an estimated time frame. They still look fairly long in this picture, perhaps courting, or recently married. Any other guesses?

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Dear Barry
I wish you and your loved ones a relaxing holiday season and peace and happiness in the New Year.


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