Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Generations

Grandma Great Glenda at the Christmas dinner...

Dixie on a sugar overdose...

My family joined Cassidi's family for Christmas dinner in their new home near Moses Lake, Washington. All Cassidi's siblings also attended the event, including little Tucker and Sadie. For those who are less acquainted with our family, Cassidi is the oldest daughter of my brother-in-law Steve.

Visiting Cassidi, her husband, and their two adorable children gave me a sense of time and age. I don't feel OLD per se, but I do feel the passage of time more keenly that before. Up until recently, I felt relatively young, as though I were still a twenty-something guy, but for the first time I REALLY feel the difference. I'm definitely not 25 anymore. I mean, I remember when Cassidi was a baby, just learning to walk with her tow hair flying all crazy on her head. Now she's married with a family of her own, and yet to me she still looks like a baby. How is it possible?

The point really came home for me when my mother-in-law Glenda was holding Cassie's baby Dixie. She kept calling herself grandma, but suddenly we all realized she wasn't really Dixie's grandma; she is in fact Dixie's great grandma. That means Dixie is my grand-niece, and in the Indian way, Dixie is also my granddaughter, (as the granddaughter of my wife's brother).

Again, I ask, how is it possible? It feels unreal to me.

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