Sunday, December 30, 2007

Winter Hike

Emerging once again from self-imposed hibernation, I set out for a mid-winter hike, across the windswept snow dunes, and into the valley near the Little Spokane River. That place is my sanctuary. It clears my brain of all distractions and renews my strength for coming days. As I reach the lowest point of the trail, the sky begins to turn color, and for the briefest moment, the setting sun casts a strange orange glow over the snow. A minute passes, and the color changes again, growing deeper; the sky-fire turns to a cold winter blue.


Crayons said...

Hi Barry,
I have come to your blog via "From Faraway, Nearby," or whatever it's called!

Thank you so much for these photos and for the little escape that you provided in this post. I'm so overcome with cars and car noises and the fire engines that roar up my street every five hours.

Reading your blog left me feeling so calm.

T.R. said...

Barry meet Carolyn. Carolyn meet Barry. You both are fantastic additions to my blogworld; which is getting smaller and smaller. I wish you all a Happy New Year.


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