Tuesday, December 04, 2007


When I saw the temperature this morning, I thought to myself it was another crazy weather day in Spokane. Just a week ago, the thermometer dropped below 15 degrees, and then the sky dumped a ton of snow. This morning, the temperature rose to a balmy 58 degrees under a warm unseasonal breeze. Of course, I had to go outside and experience the beautiful weather more fully. I took the dog for a run to the waterfalls near the Little Spokane River. I can't explain the amazing peace I felt to walk amid the wonders of nature. The sun was shining brightly in the sky, casting a warm yellow glow over the dried grass. Two hawks circled overhead, while Canadian geese continued their migration in the characteristic v-formation. I felt close to the earth and every living thing. By the end, I lost track of time and came home much later than expected. It was worth any potential sacrifice to my time. I came home refreshed and reconnected to my spirit.

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TR Ryan said...

What beautiful country with which to feed your spirit. No time there is ever wasted. Thanks for sharing those beautiful images. Makes me yearn for places farther west.


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