Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mas Danza

After a full week of travel across the western portion of the state, we returned to Pullman, and then continued on to Kooskia, Idaho. My auntie Janet Blackeagle invited the group to her home to spend the night on Saturday and then to experience a sweat lodge ceremony the following morning.

We arrived in Kooskia at about 9:00 Saturday night, exhausted from the long drive back from Seattle. As Janet invited us into her home, all the kids proceeded to crash on couches or just about any available spot on the floor. "We want to sleep," they repeated over and over again. But then Janet's son Arrow arrived on the scene and built a bonfire on the back field. Exhaustion gave way to another round of energy, followed by singing, dancing, and laughter.

The Ecuadorian youth are always ready to sing. They can make a dancing ritual on the drop of a hat, in parking lot, a conference room, or an empty field. They brought the spirit of Inti Raymi (their Sun Festival) to the quiet fields of Kooskia, and created a connection between the indigenous peoples of both North and South America.

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Anonymous said...

one thing I mentioned to the group duing one of the songs was that it sounded and felt like a heart beat. They all agreed. The stomping when we all turned into the person in the middle was so awesome and a awesome experience.
later that night when we were kinda checking the fire? the two boys arrow and dustin said the stomped down grass, resembled the sun. Just wanted to share,


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