Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mayumi and Arrow

Mayumi and Arrow, originally uploaded by sulustumoses.

Throughout history, the meeting of worlds often occurs with bloodshed and a clash of cultures, but not so with the Ecuador youth. They arrived to the United States as gracious ambassadors, and to Indian Country as long lost brothers. It's difficult to describe in words the deeply emotional connection that occurred between the youth and Native peoples in Washington and Idaho. I can only say that we've been separated far too long by invasions and politics we never chose.

Mayumi is a powerful example of grace and the female warrior spirit. When we visited the state capitol last week, she stood at the front of the group to challenge our elected representatives regarding their respective positions on education. Even some of the more seasoned politicians stammered in response to her sharp inquiry. And when we visited the tribes, a softness and sensitivity to spirit emerged. She connected quickly and deeply with everyone.

In this photograph, she is standing with her newest friend, my cousin Arrow. After the exchange, Arrow said that he dreamed he became good friends with several of the youth. It makes me wonder how much we dreamed each other into our lives to become a sparkling reality.

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