Sunday, July 11, 2010


Sometimes my blog includes photographs and stories related to my children, but it rarely contains anything taken directly from their view of the world. Today is an exception.

This morning I found a delightful surprise on my digital camera. As I downloaded my usual pictures, I discovered a series of twenty five photographs and three videos that I did not take. Every image displayed my daughters' dolls arranged in different poses and backgrounds. Of course, it was not difficult to divine who created these interesting little scenes. About half the images featured McKenna's pig dolls and the other half featured Whitney's "ugly" dolls. The image properties indicate that my daughters staged their play-photo shoot on July 3.

I've been smiling to myself ever since I found my daughters' dolls on my camera. They're growing up fast, but I'm happy to see they still enjoy a few childhood moments from time to time.

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