Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Birthday Celebration With Co-Workers

This Sunday is my 40th birthday, but the observances have already started. Yesterday evening, my co-workers threw a small birthday celebration in my honor, complete with turtle cheesecake, sparkling apple-pomegranate cider, and a gift.

Of course, they couldn't resist at least a little good-natured humor about 'getting old.' They gave me one of those gag cards that plays a pre-recorded message when opened. The recording has two comical-sounding, high pitch voices that laugh between themselves and say:

"Oh, you're not old. You're not that old. No, there's lots of things older than you. There's a ton of things: redwood trees, rocks, most of the planets - did you say Napoleon? Napoleon. Yeah, you're younger than Napoleon. Compared to him you're in an infant - a baby. We could go on and on and on, but let's just say: Happy birthday you young whippersnapper!"

The best part of our little celebration was that Ward came back to visit after battling a long illness. What a blessing to witness his recovery and to see his happy face!

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