Monday, March 28, 2011

Born to Entertain

Whitney presented her best audition ever for CYT Spokane's upcoming production of Alice in Wonderland. She sang a one minute version of "Born to Entertain."

Something wonderful is happening for Whitney, though perhaps she does not recognize the shift. Within the last several months, she's found a new passion for performing. She always loved singing, but now she's rising to a whole new level. No sooner had Music Man ended, than she began practicing her latest audition song. No one pushed her to perform or told her to sing, and yet she devoted many hours to improving her skills, driven by a deep sense of intrinsic motivation. Her new found dedication inspires me.


Dakota had not originally planned to audition for Alice. He mostly wanted to focus on maintaining good grades in school, but as soon as he saw the other auditions, he changed his mind and rushed to prepare a last-minute audition song. I knew he couldn't resist.

I had planned to also post his audition video, but he said, "Nah, it's not my best."

In the end, Whitney got a role as a villager, while Dakota got the part of Garvin. I have no idea regarding the characters, but Dakota says that Garvin is connected to the Red Queen, which in this version of Alice, is actually a rock band.

McKenna did not audition. She said she wanted to take a break.


The CYT website describes this production as a "contemporary adaptation of the classic 'Alice in Wonderland,' presented by young people in a 'rock opera' genre." This show is going to be a blast.

Purchase your tickets now by clicking HERE.

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