Friday, March 04, 2011

Birthday Dinner

The birthday celebrations and good wishes have continued all week, even though my actual birthday isn't for a couple more days. This evening in particular, a small group of friends and family joined me for an informal birthday dinner at Best China Buffet. We go there only rarely, but I was craving something out of the ordinary for us - sea food and crab legs. Whitney sat next to me for the first part of the meal. In the photograph above, she looks on while I break open a crab shell. In the photograph below, her look of concern turns quickly to one of disgust. Rhonda captured these pictures one after another, and of course we all shared a good laugh because of her facial expressions.

This is the plate Whitney found so disturbing.

Whitney and McKenna at my birthday dinner.

McKenna, Rhonda, and Dakota.

My friend and co-worker Carole, with her husband Kevin.  

Patrick, Dena, Norma, and Raylene at the theater.
After dinner, we all drove downtown to the Bing Crosby Theater to watch yet another performance of Music Man. Well, Rhonda and I generally watch every show at least four or five times, but most of our group had not seen it yet. When we arrived at the theater, I was surprised by how many people I knew in the audience - friends, parents, grandparents, siblings, co-workers, acquaintances.

Everyone gave me a beautiful, happy day. I feel blessed.

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