Saturday, March 12, 2011


i sl̓ax̣t Shelly Boyd u łu nłamqe.
My friend Shelly Boyd and the Bear.
During the second day of the Salish conference, I made new friends who are committed to preserving the language, and renewed my connection with many others.

Some time after the morning session, I spoke with a woman from the Kalispel Tribe and learned that we share many similar memories of the language. She told me that she often attended traditional gatherings as a little girl and heard the elders speak to one another in Salish. I also remember attending dinners and give-aways at the Spokane Tribal Longhouse and hearing the elders speak in our language. Those days are gone, but I feel fortunate to remember that experience. 

łu qe px̣ʷpx̣ʷut samtic̓e.
Our elder Samtic̓e.

łu sp̓eƛ̓m, łu smłič, u łu nłamqe.
The bitterroot, the salmon, and the bear.
Arnie, Jamila, and Samtic̓e.

Perhaps the greatest inspiration came when several young people addressed us in Salish. They gave me hope that our language and traditions will continue. And perhaps someday soon, we will once again hear our people speaking to one another in the Salish language at gatherings, dinners, and community events.

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