Monday, May 23, 2011


Dakota and Whitney played a part in CYT Spokane's production of Alice, which I saw for the first time on Saturday. This adaptation of Alice in Wonderland is more delightfully psychedelic than the original, but to be honest, I would be hard pressed to summarize the plot in a few simple words. The play is - well, crazy - but in a fun and entertaining way. The plot becomes irrelevant against the amazing singing, acting, and scenery.

This version of Alice takes place in a modern high school setting. But like the original, Alice enters another reality, meets the Mad Hatter (among others), kills the Jabberwock, and confronts the Red Queen. Contemporary images and music are scattered throughout the play. For example, Alice meets the Mad Hatter in a television studio, and the Red Queen is a rock star.

Tickets are still available HERE.

Alice choosing the doorway of possibilities.

Alice encounters a group of "hippies"

I didn't totally follow how this scene relates to the play, but I was entertained nonetheless.

The Mad Hatter on Vani-Tea Tea Vee.

The Red Queen sings for the cheering crowd.

Dakota's character was fired by the Red Queen.

Whitney appeared in one of the classroom scenes.

Dakota after the show.

Whitney after the show.

Dakota was part of the caterpillar and got to wear this awesome hat.

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