Saturday, July 09, 2011

Chief Garry Campsite

We went back to Indian Canyon a second day to find the Chief Spokane Garry campsite. As it turns out, we stopped only a few yards away when we turned back before.

A large sign is clearly visible from the main road. It reads:

Spokan Garry
Born to a chief and orphaned at 11, Garry was taught by missionaries to aid in fur trading. He was a teacher, a leader, a hunter, and a peacemaker. Always the white man's friend, he was refused citizenship, burned off his land, deprived of his earthly goods, and finally his dignity by the white man. He died here a lonely unwanted person in the land of his birth and the land he loved. Garry and his wife Nina are buried in Greenwood cemetery.

The second sign marks the actual campsite, but it was a little more difficult to find. The sign was hidden in the trees, away from the trail.

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