Sunday, July 10, 2011


Indian Canyon is like a world unto itself, especially near the waterfall. The land above the canyon is like any other place in the Spokane area, mostly dry or semi-arid, with ponderosa pine growing like over-sized weeds. However, the canyon itself shelters an abundance of flowers, green shrubs, and aquatic plants. In some places, the trail resembled a tunnel beneath a living canopy of branches and leaves. As we explored the trail nearest the stream, Dakota said, "This place looks like a jungle in Peru." I almost have to agree.

The most amazing part about Indian Canyon is its proximity to downtown Spokane. It's like an oasis hidden just beyond the city's view.

In the jungle...


cieldequimper said...

Hi Barry! Looks like I might (might) be in Spokane on Sept. 16. Any chance of having a coffee? :-)

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Yes, it is very possible. Let's be in touch as that date gets closer.


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