Friday, July 08, 2011

Indian Canyon

My daughter and I visited Indian Canyon where Chief Spokane Garry was said to have camped until his death in 1892. We looked for some historical marker to indicate the camp site, but found none. Perhaps we looked in the wrong the location. In any case, the site is now maintained in a mostly natural state, with equestrian access, hiking trails, and scenic overlooks. 

As we arrived, Whitney stopped to admire a fireweed plant (epilobium angustifolium) growing near the trailhead.

We hiked only a few hundred yards until we saw the waterfall flowing within a small canyon. Several small trails lead to the base of the falls. We enjoyed the walk, but in the future, I will remember to wear shoes with better traction. The trails are very steep, with a fair amount of loose dirt and gravel.

But the area near the base of falls is like another world, beautiful and green.

Whitney standing beneath the falls.

Several small caves create openings in the basalt cliff.

Whitney overlooking the canyon.

As we left Indian Canyon, Whitney paused to photograph a bachelor's button (Centaurea cyanus); she is my daughter, after all. This particular flower is a non-native species, but it's quite beautiful and is my mom's favorite.

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