Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Three of us left work at the same time - Carole, Pamm, and I. Just as we opened the front door of the school, a burst of golden light greeted us from the sunset. Pamm said to Carole and me, "You guys should take a picture," and without missing a beat, we both reached for our cameras and did just that. Pamm laughed and said, "I was only joking!" But what did she expect? I carry a camera almost everywhere specifically for moments like this. 

And then Pamm said, "I expect to see these pictures on Facebook."  Of course, I have to agree.

This tree seemed to divide the heat of the sunset from the cool rain clouds that had begun to cover the sky. 

The same tree from a different angle.

The sunset rainbow was the finale and certainly the best part of the amazing nature light show from yesterday evening.

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