Sunday, July 07, 2013


Took the dog for a walk yesterday afternoon - right before sunset. I'm not sure why, but it has been months since I've been on a good hike. It's sad really, especially considering that I used to go every day. 

Did some more experimenting with the new camera. 
Does anyone know if this is ocean spray? 

Another view of the same plant. 

It has been so long since I visited that place; a lot has changed. For one, the meadow was now filled with this blue flowers. I'm not sure, but it seems that they are invasive. Anyone recognize this plant? 


The old man dog taking a rest on our hike. 

I think these are also invasive. 
Anyone know what they are? 

St. John's Wort, also invasive. 

And one final plant I suspect is an invasive. 
I'm hoping someone can identify them all. 

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