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Our First Communion

As mentioned previously, I visited the special collections archive at Gonzaga University where I was able to handle several Jesuit documents written in the Kalispel language. I posted pictures of "Our First Communion," and now I am posting a different version of a similar First Communion text. This second book was also written by Father Kelly, but probably with a different audience in mind. It is similar, but has some differences. 

The second Kelly text did not have an English version, so I attempted my own reverse translation. In some cases, it was difficult to know the placing of the lines, so I simply guessed based on where I thought they sounded best. A few times I was unsure of the exact word, either because the original was unclear or because my own Salish is limited. In any case, I hope this partial translation spurs interest in the old Salish texts and becomes a resource for further research. 

I should mention that these photographs are posted with an understanding of "fair use." Since my translation and blog are new creations, I consider it acceptable to copy limited facsimiles for educational purposes. Gonzaga University owns the original documents, so I would encourage researchers to contact the special collections archive to see a complete copy of these papers.  

My translation follows below. If I have made mistakes, I welcome suggestions or corrections. 

Translation of the Book Our First Communion 
by Fa. William R. Kelly in the Kalispel Language

1. łuʔ t sqsip, | ta epł teʔstem’, | ta ep sqelixʷ.
A long time ago, | there was nothing, | there were no humans.

2. kʷen’t łuʔ t k’ʷul’ncutn | k’ʷul’is esya teʔstem’.
Then the Creator | made everything.

3. łuʔ t k’ʷl’ncutn | k’ʷul’is łuʔ sp’q’niʔ | kʷen’t esya łuʔ kʷkʷusm.
The Creator | made the sun | then all the stars.

4. łuʔ t k’ʷl’ncutn | k’ʷul’is łuʔ sewłkʷ | kʷen’t łuʔ stulixʷ.
The Creator | made the water | then the land.

5. łuʔ t k’ʷl’ncutn | k’ʷul’is łuʔ es clcil | kʷen’t łuʔ skʷalulexʷ.
The Creator | made the trees | then the plants.

6. łuʔ t k’ʷl’ncutn | k’ʷul’is łuʔ xʷixʷey’uł | kʷen’t łuʔ es xʷexʷeʔe.
The Creator | made the animals | then the flying birds.

7. łuʔ t k’ʷl’ncutn | k’ʷul’is łuʔ swewł
The Creator | made the fish

kʷen’t nk’ʷuʔmntwis(?) łuʔ l’ sewłkʷ.
then he gathered(?) them in the water.

8. kʷen’t hoy łuʔ es ec’ew’t | łuʔ t k’ʷl’ncutn
Then finally at the last | the Creator

k’ʷul’is łuʔ sqltmixʷ | u łuʔ smʔem.
made the man | and the woman.

9. łuʔ es šʔit sqltmixʷ | šey’ adam,
The first man | that was Adam,

kʷen’t łuʔ es šʔit smʔem | šey’ eve.
then the first woman | that was Eve.

10. adam šey’ łuʔ skʷesc | łuʔ es šʔit sqltmixʷ.
Adam was his name | the first man.

11. eve šey’ łuʔ skʷesc | łuʔ es šʔit smʔem.
Eve was her name | the first woman.

12. łuʔ t k’ʷl’ncutn | k’ʷul’is es šʔit xest,
The Creator | made it the most good,

kʷen’t es milk’ʷ xest | adam u eve.
then altogether good | were Adam and Eve.

13. łuʔ t k’ʷl’ncutn | t’k’ʷntes adam u eve
The Creator | placed Adam and Eve

łuʔ l’ es šʔit xest snq’ʷolłqtn, | łuʔ l’ xsulexʷ.
in the most good garden, | in the good land.

14. l’ šey’ adam u eve | axilm esya teʔstem’ | u łuʔ k’ʷl’ncutn cuʔuntm.
There Adam and Eve | did all things | the Creator told them.

xest sewneʔ łuʔ | sqʷlqʷelc k’ʷl’ncutn.
They listened well to the Creator’s speech.

15. l’ šey’ u es npiyelsmisti | l’ esya teʔstem’
There they enjoyed (?) | everything

l’ esya l’ čen’ u ec’xił | u kʷtunt es npiyelsi.
and in all things as they were | and they were greatly happy.

16. hu p’n nk’ʷuʔ sxlxalt | łuʔ sxʷelmn čxʷuymis
But one day, | the devil visited them.

kʷen’t kʷupis | č’ t’ey’eʔ | adam u eve.
then he pushed them | toward evil | Adam and Eve.

17. l’ šey’ (kutleelis) łuʔ adam u eve qs t’ey’eʔ.
That was how ____ (?) Adam and Eve became bad.

18. adam u eve nunxʷeneʔmis łuʔ sxʷelmn.
Adam and Eve believed the devil.

ssewneʔmis łuʔ sqʷlqʷelc sxʷelmn.
They listened to the devil’s speech.

19. u tl šey’ | u č’stwilš | łuʔ č’ k’ʷl’ncutn | u kʷeys łuʔ t’ey’eʔ.
And from there | they grew bad | toward the Creator | and they took evil (sin).

20. adam u eve tl šey’ | u hoy nunxʷeneʔmis | łuʔ k’ʷl’ncutn.
Adam and Eve from there | they stopped believing | the Creator

ta k’ʷulis łuʔ teʔstem’ | u łuʔ k’ʷl’ncutn cuʔys.
they did not do anything | the Creator said to them.

21. kʷen’t łuʔ k’ʷl’ncutn | yoyot nčselsm(?). | yoyot aymt.
Then the Creator | was strongly displeased(?). | He was strongly angry.

22. xʷl šey’ łuʔ k’ʷl’ncutn | paqmstes łuʔ adam u eve.
That is why the Creator | punished Adam and Eve.

23. kʷen’t wičis łuʔ sxʷelmn łuʔ adam u eve
Then the devil saw Adam and Eve

u łuʔ kʷeys łuʔ t’ey’eʔ | u kʷtunt lemt łuʔ | sxʷelmn.
and when they took evil (sin) | and greatly glad | was the devil.

24. kʷen’t łuʔ l’ šey’ | u č’stwilš | u kʷił nčstin.
Then that was how | they became bad | and they took sin.

25. kʷen’t łuʔ sxʷelmn | nem lemt | łuʔ ne qe kʷnnułils łuʔ qʔenpleʔ
Then the devil | will be glad | when he succeed in taking us

łuʔ ne qe kʷił nčstin.
when we take sin

26. u xʷl stem’…? | nełi es mistes | łuʔ t k’ʷl’ncutn | m qe paqmłils
And why? | It is because he knows | the Creator | will punish us

łuʔ ne qe ƛlil | u es t’uk’ʷ | łuʔ qe kʷił nčstin.
when we die | and it is set down | when we take sins.

kʷtunt łuʔ t’ey’eʔ | łuʔ l’ qe spuʔusč’ | u qe es xʷuy | es sulip.
Big is the evil | in our hearts | and we are going to the burning (hell).

27. kʷen’t łuʔ t k’ʷl’ncutn | pentč qeqs olqʷšiłls | łuʔ xʷl qaqł nxstin.
Then the Creator |always will help us | so that we will obtain the good.

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