Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Faces of Spokane

This semester at Gonzaga University, I am taking a course in qualitative research. The instructor assigned us to research a building on campus as a means of practicing qualitative methodologies. Inspired by this project, I spent the afternoon photographing Spokane, but only through the cultural lens of observing the faces depicted in the city. 

The first face belongs to Father DeSmet. His bust stands across from College Hall on the Gonzaga campus. He was a missionary to the nearby tribes and the "father" of my family name when over 171 years ago, he christened my ancestor Moses.  

A statue of Jesus on the Gonzaga campus 
depicting the Sacred Heart. 

This statue is metal and somewhat modernistic. 

The Masonic Temple in downtown Spokane. 

An Egyptian face on the Masonic Temple. 

A somewhat stereotypical Indian profile 
on the face of the Spokane Club. 

The eyes of Slough-Keetcha...

...also known as Spokane Garry.

A gargoyle-ish face on the old Chronicle Building. 

Abraham Lincoln. 

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