Thursday, March 23, 2006

Logan Heftel

You ever have one of those experiences where you turn on the radio and you hear exactly the words you needed to hear that day? Or you thought about an old friend you haven't seen in 20 years, and that same day they call you? I had something like that happen to me today.

My mother-in-law's friend Jean stopped by for a short visit and started talking about her grandson Logan Heftel and how he recently recorded his own CD. Of course, I was happy to hear this young man was obviously following his dreams, but I was especially happy because he and my son hung out together a few times. I feel like I know him, albeit somewhat distantly by now. Well, Jean gave me one of his CDs and asked me to listen to it. As I did my errands for the day, I popped the CD into my player and tried it out.

Logan uses a lot of acoustic guitar and harmonica, and many of his songs reflect a certain pensive characteristic. He has a wonderful voice and some obvious talent, but I was not prepared for how the words would affect me.

One song in particular says, "I could not close my eyes for fear that I would find myself waking up back again where I had been before I came to my senses" (Blind).

Suddenly I felt like the music were speaking my deepest thoughts and fears. Anyone who knows me well can tell you of my struggle these last few years and all the insanity leading up to this difficult time. Things have been getting progressively better, and yet I wonder, have I really come back to my senses? Have I gained enough wisdom to avoid that kind of struggle again? Thinking those thoughts and hearing that music in that moment made me want to cry.

Another song reminded me of my son Anthony: "You know I wish you health. Above all I wish you to be free. I hope that you can find yourself, and when you do, come find me in the rain" (Rain).

I feel grateful to the Spirit for speaking to me through this very unlikely source, and congratulations to Logan on his music!

You can find his music at:

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