Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mount Saint Michael

The facade of Mount Saint Michael's Convent and School.

A "Black Robe" priest conversing with a visitor.

My wife and I visited Mount Saint Michael to witness a health fair sponsored by the school children. The event was advertised at the college, and I had thought more of the community would be involved. However, when we arrived, we didn't see many people not directly connected to the school.

Even so, I enjoy visiting spiritual places. Ever since my mission to Guatemala in 1991-1993, I feel a certain fascination for monastic life. During my mission, I befriended a man who had taken temporal vows as a Catholic monk for 8 years before finally leaving the monastery. I only remember his first name: Fausto. He and I had many long discussions about theology and religious faith.

I had hoped to speak with one of the priests this afternoon, but he was engaged in another conversation. Perhaps we'll meet another day.

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