Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Canada Trip, Part 2


Traveling by train began as a convenient means of transport, but ended with an unexpected sense of adventure. Unlike planes or buses, trains offer a totally different experience. Passengers walk the aisles freely, visit other portions of the train, and mingle with other travelers. More than anything, I felt an unusual sense of freedom as I watched the wide open spaces of the American west.

After witnessing the sunrise, I made reservations in the dining car and waited for them to call my name. Unlike restaurants on the ground, reservations for those dining alone are grouped together at the same table, giving passengers an opportunity to befriend people they wouldn't normally meet. In my case, the waitress seated me at the same table as Markus, a tourist visiting the United Stated from Germany. We enjoyed a wonderful conversation for the better part of an hour. We finished our meals, and walked together to the lounge car, where we got an even more spectacular view of the passing landscape.

Unfortunately, we didn't get more time to visit, but I will always remember the excitement of traveling by train. Hopefully our paths will cross again.

More to come...

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