Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Canada Trip, Part 7

The Cardston LDS Temple at sunset.

Standing in front of the temple.

The Temple

Many Mormons I've known over the years occasionally display some rather odd idiosyncrasies, like trying to convince me their faith is the only true religion, and yet they remain among my dearest friends. When all is said and done, I find most Mormons are honest, thoughtful, and endearing.

I recently had a discussion with an Evangelical Christian who claimed Mormons are not Christian (and presumably destined to hell). While I also disagree with Mormons on many points of doctrine, I know from personal experience they are Christians indeed. How insane to suggest differences of opinion would make someone non-Christian! How could anyone believe God would be so narrow and cruel as this man tried to suggest?

My faith differs from the Mormons in so many ways, and yet I feel the magnetic pull of the temple every time I visit. I accept the temple as a universal symbol of unity with the divine, a place where the earth aligns with heaven, and where humans practice holiness.

May the temple inspire all people to walk closer to the divine regardless of our religion or belief.

More to come...

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